Places To Discover With Your Family In Boynton Beach FL

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Places To Discover With Your Family In Boynton Beach FL


Did you know that Boynton Beach is also known as America’s Gateway to the Gulfstream? It is a beautiful Palm Beach County city, and it’s nearing metropolitan status. Boynton is also part of the Miami metro area. It is a place to enjoy creation and be outdoors. Here are four places you might want to visit when you are traveling around Boynton Beach FL.

The Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands is the #1 attraction for the city, and you’re going to find it off of Hagen Ranch Road. There is an elevated boardwalk, and people say that it’s a nice place for birdwatching. That means you might want to bring a pair of binoculars. Reviews also point to the fact that you’re going to find alligators on occasion. Expect to find a well-maintained place that features the great wildlife of Boynton Beach.

Of course you also want to make sure that you stop by the beach, too. To do that, make your way to Oceanfront Park Beach, which is located on North Ocean Boulevard. The beautiful beach features a concession stand or snack bar, and there is also a picnic area. There is also a playground, and people love to go fishing there, too, as you can imagine. This is a great area to take the family to enjoy the beach for the day.

Gulfstream Park is another great place to go, and you will find it located off of North Ocean Boulevard as well. If you want to visit more than one beach while you’re there, this stretch is a popular stop, too. People talk about snorkeling, barbecueing and of course many of the same types of activities and amenities you would enjoy at Oceanfront Park Beach as well.

Then there is Atlantic Avenue, which is a wonderful place to go shopping. There are wonderful places to get gifts and souvenirs. You can also go antiquing, and there are great restaurants in that area, too. This attraction is technically in Delray Beach, but it’s close enough for it to be a major point of interest for people traveling to Boynton Beach.

Your Boynton Beach vacation is going to be quite the gem when you stop by these places. You want to soak up the sun, but you want entertainment and to see the other natural attractions, too. You get all of that if you add these four things to do to your list.